At Express News Convenience Pitt Meadows and Neil's Smoke Shop we are raising the bar for all your conveniece needs. Our friendly staff are second to none and will be happy assist you in finding what you are looking for and taking requests if there is something you think we should carry. We have a wide variety of stock including many things you wouldn't normally see in a conveniece store and have been called Pitt Meadows Hidden Gem.


We have a wide variety of cigarettes including American brands and we have the best prices in the neighbourhood.

Drinks and Snacks

We have a huge selection of drinks available including many American flavours of pop and Arizona Iced Teas. Drop in and check out our coolers, you won't be disappointed and will probably find something new to try with new flavours all the time.


We have a wonderful array of fragrant cigars to choose from. From Pompoms to fat Cubans, we have a cigar for every cigar smoker.

Glass Wall

Behind the magic curtain you'll find our glass wall. Here we have a stunning display of pipes, water pipes, grinders, and other smoke accessories for all your therapeutic needs.